We Serve You All Types of Coconut Machines

Coconut Defibring Machine

This coconut defibring machine automatically beats and splits the coconut husks into fine coconut fiber and cocopeat.

Coconut Fiber Screener

This coconut fiber screener will rotate and filter the fiber from the coconut defibring machine to obtain long and clean fiber.

Coconut Fibre Extracting Plant

This coconut fiber extracting plant automatically beats and splits the coconut husks into fine coconut fiber and cocopeat.

Coconut Fiber Baling Press

This coconut fiber baling press is hydraulically operated and it compresses the loose fine coconut fiber into bales of fixed sizes and weights.

Coconut Dehusking Machine

This coconut machine peels off the coconut husk from coconut fruit to obtain dehusked coconut fruit via hydraulically controlled dehusking devices.

Coconut Deshelling Machine

This coconut machine detaches the hard coconut shell from dehusked coconut fruit via a rotating disc cutter. It comes with 1, 2 or 4 deshelling stations.

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Research & Development

Through years of research & development efforts and continuos cultivation of creative and innovative mindset and spirit among our employees, we have been able to produce the coconut machines in highest quality & reliability, with competitive market pricings.

We emphasis on customer services and our employees are always ready to serve our customers in their best efforts and commitments.

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Our Company

Method Machine Works is one of the best known manufacturer and exporter of CoCoMaN coconut machines, coconut coir machines and coconut oil machines. Read More


Coconut Machines

Most of our coconut machines are for export, and have been delivered and installed in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji Islands. Read More


Coconut Products

Not only providing high technology coconut processing machines, we also provide various coconut product lining; from ready-to-consume coconut water to part of planting mix. Read More