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Specifically designed for coconut processing from dehusking to coconut oil extracting, coconut husk processing and coconut shell processing. We have exported and installed our coconut machines in countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tahiti, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Ecuador and Mexico.

Break-through Innovations in Coconut Processing

Our team of engineering experts has a passion for researching, developing and testing the best machines / methods to process coconuts with excellent quality and efficiency.

R & D

Our R&D team gives better ROI by maximizing the processing capabilities and producing immediate results.


We design coconut machines that cater to a variety of applications to maximize profitability.

After Sales

Qualified engineers provide after sales support to maintain the performance of your machines.

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High Quality Coconut Machines


Matured Coconut Processing

All range of dehusking to coconut milk extracting machines for matured coconuts.


Young Coconut Processing

Enhancing appearance and stoarge capabilities with young coconut processing machines.


Crude Coconut Oil Processing

Extracting and refining crude coconut oil for safe use.


Virgin Coconut Oil Processing

Extraction of high quality virgin coconut oil for commercialization.


Coconut Husk Processing

Process coconut husks for farming and industrial applications.


Coconut Shell Processing

Convert coconut shells for best quality coconut shell charcoals.

Why Choose Us

Based in Malaysia, a country where coconuts are one the main agricultural product, we have years of experience in designing and developing coconut machines focusing on qualities and reliabilities.

Industry Leader

Since 2003, we are one of the best known manufacturer and exporter of CoCoMaN coconut machines.


We offer machines from manual to automatic operations that cater to different applications in coconut processings.


We develop coconut machines of highest quality & reliability, with competitive pricing.

Experience Team

Our team’s dedication to continuous improvement helps us design & develop high quality and reliable coconut machines.

R & D

We invest in research & development facilities to carry out product design, manufacturing and testing.

After Sales Support

We emphasis on after sales services and are always ready to support our customers.

Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“CoCoMaN machines really helping up our coconut processing. Simple to operate. Easy to maintain.”

Michael Sovek

Papua New Guinea

CoCoMaN machines work well and help us a lot in the processing of coconuts
Jackie Hewitt
The Bahamas
I love CoCoMaN coconut machines
Martha Davila
We use CoCoMaN VCO expeller to extract virgin coconut oil
Temi Loluwa
We work with CoCoMaN for many years and the cooperation shall continue
Lois Richford

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