The processing of coconuts involved many different processes and require the use of many different machines, and they are described briefly as below.

Coconut dehusking

A coconut dehusking machine is used to detach the coconut husk from the coconut fruit.

Coconut deshelling

A coconut deshelling machine is used to crack the hard coconut shell from the dehusked coconut fruit.

Coconut paring

A coconut paring machine is used to scalp off the testa or the brownish skin of coconut kernel (after being cut into smaller pieces).

Coconut grinding

A coconut grinding machine is used to grind the pared coconut kernel pieces into fine desiccated coconut.

Coconut milk extracting

A coconut milk extracting machine is used to squeeze the fine desiccated coconut to obtain the coconut milk.

Virgin coconut oil by centrifuge

A high speed centrifuge is used to separate the virgin coconut oil from coconut milk.

Virgin coconut oil by fermentation

Coconut milk is kept for 24 hours for fermentation and natural separation, and layer of virgin coconut oil is scooped out and filtered.

Coconut defibring

A coconut defibring machine is used to break the coconut husk into coconut fiber and cocopeat.

Coconut fiber screening

A rotating screener is used to screen the coconut fiber.

Coconut fiber baling

A coconut fiber baling press is used to compress the loose coconut fiber into coconut fiber bales of fixed size and weight.

Cocopeat block making

A cocopeat block machine is used to compress the loose cocopeat into cocopeat block.

Coconut shell charcoal making

Coconut shell is burnt under controlled air volume to form coconut shell charcoal.

Coconut shell briquetting

Coconut shell is crushed to fine coconut shell powder and briquetted.

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