Coconut Flakes Dehydrator UVCO100

This machine is used to dehydrate the moisture from coconut flakes, before the dehydrated coconut flakes is loaded into virgin coconut oil expeller to extract virgin coconut oil. It comes with 2 dehydrating chambers, each capable to be loaded with 20 dehydrating trays on a trolley.

Download machine catalogue:

Virgin Coconut Oil Processing Machine Catalogue – Cold Press


Download machine operation manual:

  Model UVCO100
  Capacity 100 kg coconut flakes per batch
  No of Operator 2 – 3
  Power Supply 240 V / 1 ph / 50 Hz
  Dehydration Tray 2 chambers X 20 trays ( 3′ X 2′ wooden tray )
  Dehydration Time 4 to 5 hours
  Power Rating 2.00 hp
  Machine Weight 950 kg
  Machine Size 4.00 X 1.45 X 1.96 m
  Features Kerosene / diesel / LPG operated burner
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