Coconut Shell Carbonisation Plant

Product Description

This plant carbonises the coconut shell into coconut shell charcoal. It is completed with 3 carbonisation baskets. heat source could be obtained from wood, coconut shell or LPG burner.

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Model COM1000H
Capacity 2000 kg (raw coconut shell)
Carbonisation Time 5 – 6 hours
Carbonised Charcoal 800 kg
No. of Operator 2
Heat Source Wood, coconut shell, charcoal, natural gas, LPG or coal gas
Carbonisation Chamber Size Diameter 1.0 m X 2.5 m length
Machine Weight 2800 kg
Machine Size 2.8 X 2.0 X 2.3 m
Features Heat / smoke is recycled. Include 3 carbonisation basket for raw material loading.