Coconut Shell Carbonization Plant CCM1000

This carbonization plant carbonizes coconut shell chips to coconut shell charcoal under high temperature conditions. It has an advanced technology for recovery, purification and circulation of  combustion gas produced during the process of carbonization. It is equipped with three layer de-dusting system and auto water cooling discharger that  enhance the safety and cleanliness of the carbonization processes.


  Model CCM1000
  Capacity 750 to 1000 kg ( raw dried coconut shell ) per hour
  Carbonisation Drum 80 mm diameter
  Carbonisation Time 15 – 20 minutes
  Carbonised Coconut Shell      Charcoal 350 to 450 kg
  Heat Source Natural Gas
  Power Rating 38.20 kw
  Machine Weight 15,000 kg
  Machine Size 15.00 X 25.00 X 7.00 m
  Features Include dusting system, drying system, carbonisation system and electrical control cabinet.
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