Copra Grinding Machine

Product Description

This coconut machine grinds dried copra into fine ground copra flakes. An operator is required to feed the pieces of copra into the machine during the grinding process. Model COM43A is cmpleted with a screw conveyor to transfer the fine ground copra flakes to the subsequent processing process.

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Model COM42 COM42A
Machine Construction Steel structures Steel structures
Capacity (Fine Ground Copra Flakes) 300 kgs per hour 300 kgs per hour
No of Operator 2 1
Power Supply 415V / 3 ph / 50 Hz 415V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
Motor Rating 15 hp 17 hp
Machine Weight 300 kgs 450 kgs
Machine Size (LxWxH) 1.0 X 0.5 X 1.0 m 3.5 X 0.5 X 2.0 m

Copra Grinding Machine Demonstration


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