Three Phase Disc Centrifugal Separator VCO2500

This machine is used to extract virgin coconut oil from coconut milk via high speed centrifugal action. It separates the coconut milk into 3 phases, namely raw virgin coconut oil, water and also sludge.

  Model VCO2500
  Capacity ( Flow Rate ) 50 – 500 liters per hour
  Spindle Speed 7300 rpm
  Frame Material Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
  Bowl Material Stainless Steel
  Sliding Bowl Material Stainless Steel
  Drive System Gear Drive System
  No of Operator 1
  Power Supply 380 – 415 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
  Power Rating 5.30 hp
  Machine Weight 580 kg
  Machine Size ( L X W X H ) 1.05 X 0.85 X 1.20 m
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