Tubular Centrifugal Separator VCO75

This machine is used to further extract the virgin coconut oil from the raw virgin coconut oil via high speed centrifugal action. It separates the raw virgin coconut oil into 2 phases, namely the virgin coconut oil and water.

  Model VCO75
  Capacity ( water throughput ) 300 liters per hour
  Bowl Speed 20000 rpm
  Bowl Volume 2.2 liters
  Bowl Material Stainless Steel
  Drive System Belt Drive System
  No of Operator 1
  Power Supply 380 – 415 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
  Power Rating 2.00 hp
  Machine Weight 300 kg
  Machine Size ( L X W X H ) 0.76 X 0.45 X 1.12 m
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