Vacuum Dehydrating Machine VCO600

This machine removes the moisture in the raw virgin coconut oil by spraying the raw virgin coconut oil into the vacuum chamber under heated condition. It is a continuos process and the virgin coconut oil can be recycled and passing through similar process in order to maximise the removal of moisture in the virgin coconut oil.

  Model VCO600
  Capacity ( Flow Rate ) 600 liters per hour
  Working Vacuum -0.06 to -0.095 Mpa
  Temperature Range 0 to 100 degree celcius
  No of Operator 1
  Power Supply 380 – 415 V / 3 ph / 50 Hz
  Power Rating 18.00 kw
  Machine Weight 350 kg
  Machine Size ( L X W X H ) 1.50 X 1.00 X 1.60 m
  Features Include PLC, flow meter, moisture tester and moisture analyser.
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